Emanuele Broccatelli

Class 83, first job at the bar 2001 – I have never stopped loving this passion for a moment since then.

I started at 18 to pay for my studies at the Pub in Marino, we had fun there, and we learned a lot. We had so many spirits, those that were available at least, and the only way was to go around to see other colleagues or to travel.

It wasn’t a real job and in fact I was studying to become a physiotherapist… but then in the end you have to choose and I chose my passion, the Bar.

I decided to travel and the destination in those years was London, before the bar revolution started.
I found myself there without speaking English, but with the desire to learn and show what I could do.

London gave me a lot, but above all it made me see this work from a different point of view, hospitality.
From there I learned the language, opened one of the most beautiful 5 star hotels, the Corinthia, and met friends who are still part of my family and have become great professionals.

Back in Italy I opened many important venues, Caffe Propaganda, Stazione di Posta, managed the Bar of the Hotel Majestic and opened my pop up bar -47 crossed out, the first to make bottled cocktails, and nowdays I have been dealing with level consultancy international for four years and I am the founder and owner of DRINK | IT, where we produce our artisanal RTD cocktails and a line of Ethical Liquors.

Welcome to my bar

What cocktail would you take to a desert island?


Which character, either past or present, you would you like to drink one of your cocktails and which one?

Whiston Churchill - Gin MArtini

A funny and bizarre anecdote that happened to you behind the counter

I was at the counter of the Majestic Hotel in Rome, we were at 80 years old birthday party, and while Peppino Di Capri was singing “Champagne”, a lady of the same age flirted with me, careless of the age gap, telling me how her husband had always been a Don Giovanni while she had always been faithful, with an elegance that put me in awe. Before leaving she claimed, always in a cool and very unusual way, of having a last dance together. Of course the 100 guests drank 135 bottles of champagne!!!


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