Patrick Pistolesi

42 years old, 22 behind a counter, I started for fun doing nerve-wracking shifts in clubs; sometimes in three different venues a week. An experience that made me learn a lot and that I sometimes miss.

After that, I worked in various Roman cocktail bars that were just starting to serve drinks. Those were different years, there was no internet, and good teachers and specialized books were very hard to find. From there, I gave myself one last chance before changing jobs. I left Italy; I wanted to travel and having a job like mine in hand would allow me to eat and have a few drinks for free.

I gained experience throughout Europe and the United States, and have been on the Roman and international scene for ten years.

My latest experiences are as a bar manager of Caffè Propaganda, I opened the first gin bar in Italy: The Gin Corner. I was Shweppes Brand Ambassador and Jameson Brand Ambassador for 4 years. I now work with various brands as drink consultant, I am a member and founder of NIO Cocktails Ready to Drink. I am also the owner and founder of Drink Kong, a cocktail bar in Monti, that scored among the 50 best in the world.

What cocktail would you take to a desert island?


Which character, either past or present, you would you like to drink one of your cocktails and which one?

I'd have Napoleon taste my version of Brandy Crusta

A funny and bizarre anecdote that happened to you behind the counter

There are so many, very funny, but I tend to forget about them. While I have hosted many personalities in front of and behind the counter, let’s say my heart beats when I see the person I was hoping for coming to the counter to have a drink!

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