bartender salvatore longo

Salvatore Longo

Born in the roaring 90s in Catania, Salvo Longo began his career in the world of hospitality at the age of 18, to support his university studies devoted to chemistry, biology and pharmacy.

Over time he realizes that work, which at first was only a means to an end, had become the end itself. University studies are intertwined with mixing, and after years of research and experience behind the bars, Salvo opens Bohème: a small mixing room that quickly makes a name for itself.

In 2017 he participated in Bartendency and won the title of Molinari Ambassador, which led him to tour Italy and Europe, talking about the evolution of liqueurs, with various guests and master classes in the best clubs of the industry.

Over time, at the head of Bohème, he achieved many results, such as being included in the list of the best bars in Italy and in the Gambero Rosso and MT magazine guides, thus becoming a reference point for Sicilian mixing.

Nowadays, he is following all the stages of Bar Italia as a technical judge and trainer of Bar Italia hud, while participating in the “Drink Team” project.

What cocktail would you take to a desert island?


Which famous person from the past or present would you like to drink your cocktail, and which one would it be?

I'd make a Penicilline for Samuel L. Jackson

Tell us an anecdote about a funny and bizarre situation that happened to you behind the counter.

We are at the beginning of the evening and three big bearded and serious French men are coming through the door. I welcome them by explaining that we love to personalize every drink and I make them sit down by telling them that I would join them shortly. Without saying a word, they take a seat. Upon my arrival at the table one of the three looks at me with a passionate gaze, and with a faint and feminine voice says to me “We want a drink that tastes like you when you’re sweaty!” And that’s it, I go back to the bar and make them 3 salty drinks!

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