Samuele Montesanti

Samuele was born in Rome and he spent his teenage years in Ladispoli. During the high school years he approaches the world of bartending, working in discos and nightclubs, but he realizes pretty soon that his work needs are drawn towards a quality service.

He enters the world of cocktail bars and restaurants, and from there he moves to mixology and hospitality. Driven by the desire to face new challenges, Samuele reaches the step that will influence him the most both professionally and humanly: the experience in the world capital of cocktails, London. After a couple of years he returns to Italy to work in a luxury hotel in the capital.

This is where he begins to feel the need to expand his skills and all the aspects that revolve around bartending. He decides to slowly move away from the counter to discover and embrace the managerial and management aspect of his profession.

This leads him to enter a new long-term project in Sardinia, still in progress, which operates several facilities on behalf of a large tourist company. However, this step forward has not extinguished his curiosity and passion towards the world of mixology, which he continues to cultivate and deepen.

What cocktail would you take to a desert island?

Tommy's Margarita

Which character, either past or present, you would you like to drink one of your cocktails and which one?

A Champagne Cocktail to George Best

A funny and bizarre anecdote that happened to you behind the counter

Once I decided to shake eight Whisky Sours in one go with a giant cobbler, which obviously opened, wetting me from head to foot. It was at that moment that I learned, at my expense, not to underestimate the pressure that the shaken egg white can generate.

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