Stefano Urru

My name is Stefano Urru, I was born in 1988 and raised in Merano, South Tyrol, by Sardinian parents.

And that’s where I started behind a counter 12 years ago, after a seven-year experience as a gardener. I have been managing clubs for 9 years, and have been everyone’s psychologist, priest and best friend ever since … just like everyone else in the trade.

I love to welcome and “embrace” those who choose to lend me their time by entering my restaurant. Flairbartender, bartender, mixologist and blabbergist above all, I love to cook drinks always looking for new raw materials, mixing them with everything I can find!

Often out of the box, I import and export in my restaurant, currently the Whynot Cocktailab located in Merano, a small town above Bolzano known for the spas, the Christmas markets and the Merano Winefestival, (an event I collaborate with). The attention to detail and hospitality are old school but informal, and this makes customers of all ages and social backgrounds feel at ease.

I also deal with catering and training consultancy.

Mad by profession.

I expect you for a drink!

What cocktail would you take to a desert island?

A three-liter mojito

Which character, either past or present, you would you like to drink one of your cocktails and which one?

A funny and bizarre anecdote that happened to you behind the counter.

Once a loyal customer entered the room at 18:00 starting with the phrase “today I’ll drink only one, just an aperitif and then I’ll go home.” The nurse recorded the time of death by 01:07, when he says goodbye while leaving the bar while staggering here and there saying “see you in two euros”.

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