Terry Monroe

Life is too short to love just one perfume.

From an early age my preference was for colours. Intense rainbows with an infinite succession. Then I started exploring the world looking for more and more colours to add to the palette; from one country to another, taking with me scents and tastes that reminded me of distant places.

Africa, a great companion of melancholy, India and Ceylon with their colours and their opposites and complementary, the cheerfulness of the Caribbean and the charm of the Carioca, stumbling between the vivacity and the daring Mexican chilly.

The Europe of the perfumes of Provence, the intense and rich Bel Paese that hosts me in all the botanicals typical of the Italian centerbe. Biting spirits of the Balkans with fruity and mysterious tastes and sand games in the Middle East. The dense Amazonian vegetation and its opposite pole in the Sahara desert … Camphorated resins from Norway and the infinite choice of sauces from the States. A cruise on the Nile and a chat with lemurs in Madagascar. The rascal monkeys between Kenya and Tanzania, and then spices, spices and more spices.

Infinite series of images and paths between unknown existences lived in their odours. A second to recognize the moment and search for colours in the memory. This is the great engine that has pushed me over the last 20 years to reach more and more hidden corners in search of new emotions to impress in every sip of my Elixirs.

Herbal studies, the curiosity for the secrets of nature and the answers found in the chemical segments. AlchiMia: the word that best describes the search for unexplored frontiers of taste, colours and scents. The ancient and the contemporary, parallel like two rails, linked together by segments, close and distant, but constant along the way.

The experimentation that has always revealed unexpected certainties, continuous colours and crackles, reactions and links, synergies that are now master in the archive of the senses.

And then again monsoons and trade winds, north winds and libecci. The mind eager to arrange jars and ampoules, in the constant search for perfect order. Beauty, history, anecdotes and gossip. A concert of words to describe only one great emotion: love for nature in all its facets.

This is Terry Monroe, a little mystical, a little speziologist, at Opera 33 in Milan, a great stage for countless stories and Oro scrt Room, her alchemical living room, where space and time are lost in a chalice!

What cocktail would you take to a desert island?

My favorite: Martini

Which character, either past or present, you would you like to drink one of your cocktails and which one?

I would gladly do my Vesper in Blonde to agent 007

A funny and bizarre anecdote that happened to you behind the counter

The overpayment of the receipt of a friend who for three times insisted with the receipt in hand to pay… three times and he wanted 3 receipts… he had drunk by our hand, perhaps too much but certainly good… next day he wanted to repay again… a nightmare!

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