Valeria Bassetti

Valeria Bassetti, born in 1975, is one of the few women to have cultivated a passion for bartending for over 20 years. Considered a point of reference by the younger generations of female bartenders, she has been engaged for years in the battle to equal opportunities and remuneration between men and women.

Each year, together with the cultural magazine Zero, she runs the most important event in the sector in Rome: the Barmarathon, which involves the most important professionals of the city of Rome and thousands of fans. She works as a consultant for female entrepreneurs in Rome and she’s a trainer in the field of good conscious drinking.

Together with other influential colleagues, she launched the “no straws” campaign in Italy against the use of straws or other plastic elements. She worked as an ambassador for Cuzziol Grandi Vini e Champagne, and now manages relations and developments of Xenta Absentha in India and soon in Israel. Together with a colleague and a partner from Rome, she created and launched the Drink_it line, i.e. a line of take away bottled drinks distributed throughout Italy, but also in London, Paris, Berlin and Tel Aviv.

What cocktail would you take to a desert island?


Which character, either past or present, you would you like to drink one of your cocktails and which one?

Ipazia, Last Word

A funny and bizarre anecdote that happened to you behind the counter.

Early years on the job, a customer orders me a Singapore Sling.
We were at the Brancaleone community centre.
It took me a week to gather all the ingredients and the recipe.
The customer came back and I placed the order. 7 days later.
Those were different times.

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